Tuesday, 15 January 2013

(TO LUST FOR) A-Morir Sylvester Sunglasses

Love Love this Glamorous Rocker Chic Sunglasses by A-Morir! Woooooooo!
It is so "Rihanna"!
The price is on the high side though and you can totally get a pair of designer sunglasses with that price tag. 
(UP: £390, Sale: £273)
It is Out of stock for now and I have no idea whether will ASOS restock.

It's over here!

Credits to: ASOS

Monday, 14 January 2013

Craig Green Men's F/W 2013


So I was browsing my facebook and I chanced upon Craig Green's F/W 2013 collection. 
The first thing in my mind is....BARN? And there is this 'Before' and 'After' story. Well, before the barn gets burnt and after it gets burnt. So here is the story....
在玩facebook時,看到Craig Green's F/W 2013 collection 立刻就想到美國式的農場穀倉/农场谷仓 。還有故事呢!之前和過後农场有一場大火!

                       Before: We just clean the Barn                               After: And The Barn goes down
                         之前: 清理穀倉/谷仓後                                          過後: 就變成這樣

                       Before : The Boy working in a Barn                        After: Poor Barn Boy gets burnt.
                           之前: 在農場做工的男孩                                    過後: 可憐的男孩被燒了
                            Before: It's raining today                             After: Because there is Fire in the Rain
                              之前: 今天下雨咯!                                   過後: 結果有Fire in the Rain

          Before: The Barn boy get dressed up for his date               After: Unfortunately, it didn't went well 
                      之前: 農場男孩打扮好去約會了                                  過後: 放別人鴿子!

Don't treat this too seriously. The whole burnt barn story is imagined up by me for fun. The collection is not that bad actually but not to my liking (I detest the seaweed looking top, pants and the beanie, not loving the knitted top too). 
My favourite look of the collection is the last one.
I think you can pair the pieces separately and I think will look fine because the designs are actually quite simple and basic. It's about the layering.


Credits to: Craig Green