Friday, 29 March 2013

(REVIEW) Zalora

Rewind 2 years back and you most probably wouldn't even know Zalora. (because it doesn't exists!) 
Whenever a company just set up, the growth tends to be extremely slow, now why did they managed to have so many customers in such a short time?
Answer: Their incredibly aggressive marketing strategy (Their ads are on almost every website I went to, annoying! and they even have a television commercial. The TVC is cute though.) It goes to show that the aggressive marketing works.
Now, why do I start with the "Marketing" aspects of this particular company instead of introducing this company? Ok, I gotta tell you what it is first. It's an e-shop in Singapore(they have other regions too, but I only focus on SG) that sells multiple brands.
Now, back to the question. Because, despite being very well known and having so many good terms (Eg. Fast delivery, Able to pay cash on delivery as an option.), they seems like they are unable to deliver what they promised.

I bought it without reading any reviews and when I decided to research on the reviews 2 months AFTER I bought my stuff, I was surprised! I'm one of the lucky minority!
I bought a pair of nude pumps because I need a pair of nice formal shoes for an event that I'm hosting (but I ended up not using it, because the requirements stated black shoes after that, Damn!)

I count myself very lucky because
1) I received my stuff within 2 days.
2) Item is received in a good condition. (Though I wish they could have handle the shoes more carefully because there's a bit of flaws due to slight mishandling on the packaging part I guess?)
3) Size is rather accurate (Got a pair of shoes)
4) It comes with free AngBao packets. (I bought it in Jan, Chinese New Year is coming, that's why)

You must be thinking it's pretty much the normal outcome of online shopping(except for the AngBao part), why am I even lucky?
Cause you haven't heard the horror stories of  them not receiving their products after months of waiting and others (I shall not elaborate much about that).

Though I pretty much have a positive review of this, but looking at other bad reviews have made me think twice before making my next purchase.

Note: I am in no way affiliated to Zalora. NOBODY asked me to write about them and I gain absolute nothing good in return for this post. I shall remain objective and neutral towards this company due to the positive review I had and considering other negative reviews.
All I can say is it's best to do some research before you do online shopping.

(SCENE) Blueprint 2013 Press Conference

The Blueprint Press Conference on 14 March

Look at the huge turnout! (Lotsa locals in the fashion industry )

Blueprint have to be Blue of course!

Cute shark print!

Lovely Tiong Bahru Bakery Tart! love the crust!

And We get to take home! Yay!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

(BACKSTAGE) Blueprint 2013 Press Conference

It's a Press Conference on 14 March for the upcoming Blueprint event in May.
這是14 March的Blueprint記者招待會。

Natalia Vodianova lookalike!
长得太像名模Natalia Vodianova了!

One of the Emcees getting make up.
Love her hairstyle!(Done by the hairstylists of course) Like it's on fire, haha ;)
喜欢她的髮型,像"一把火", 哈哈! ;)

Cute outfit! one of my favourite outfits at the show.

She's cute! Love this outfit too, so edgy!
也喜欢这套, 很有風格!

Lovely Models!
With High, Sleek Ponytail and very very minimal Smoky makeup.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

(SCENE) Chen Man Gallery @ Hilton Hotel, Orchard

If you get tired from all those shopping at Orchard, why not relax for awhile and absorb some artistic inspiration?

Head down to Hilton Hotel, level 2, there is a small gallery along the walkway towards Club 21.

Here is one of her works.

Amazing isn't it?

(SEEN) Chanel @ Takashimaya

Love this Pretty Pink Chanel Shoes!

Where: Orchard Takashimaya 
When: 19/3/13

(SEEN) Tory Burch @ Wisma

Loving this Soft shade of Blue! The name of the shade is Ocean Breeze and I can see why.
All new Laser cut design. Im not so sure about the laser cut details, it looks quite cute but..hmm..I don't know.
Models: Robinson Spectator Double Zip Tote, Robinson Spectator Envelop Clutch

Accessories! Seems like Deep purple and Crayon Pink to me.

Models: Kelsey Middy Satchel(Back), 797 E-tablet Sleeve(Front) (Both in Poppy Red)
Michelle Tote in Gold

Where: Tory Burch, Wisma Atria
When: 19/3/13