Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Reebok 25th Anniversary Workout

Went to the Reebok 25th Anniversary Workout at Mount Sophia on the 15th Feb!
It's a 80's party showcase as they launch their anniversary collection- collaborations with 15 top sneaker retailers in the world. 
And the dresscode is 1980s style (;
It's actually the day before they launched their collection at Queensway shopping centre.


 There are 5 games/challenges and every winner of the game get to bring back a limited edition Reebok cap that can't be found anywhere else! 
 I entered the 2nd game. The objective of the game is to try to bounce pingpong balls into the cup and the one who gets the most pingpong balls into the cup wins the cap. Normally when I attend events, I always stand all alone at one corner, this time it's because my friend pushed me to the stage (annoying! haha)
I managed to get 2 pingpong balls in, missed one by abit. Another contestant managed to get in 3 and he won. No cap for me ):




Limited edition shoes !!

The ceiling filled with balloons!

A photobooth for us to take photos and bring back the photos!

 While almost everybody grab a bottle of tiger beer(or 2), me and my friend tried this energy drink.It is rather nice but it is so gassy to the point that I feel so bloated after drinking less than half of the can.

Aerobics dance!


 The Exclusive TIGER BEER sneaker!

"Hey, I got Tiger Beer as my shoe!"


2 shoes from the limited edition collaboration collection!


I eat sneakers for dinner.

 My 80s-90s snack! Its was pinned on the board and one of my friends (a photographer) told me about it gave it to me.

 I managed to get the limited edition Reebok cap! Because my friend entered the last challenge and apparently the host told her to call out my name to enter because they need another female for the arm wrestling. So yeap! I won the arm wrestling challenge and yes both of us gave our best shot despite us being friends. Fair and square!

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