Wednesday, 27 March 2013

(BACKSTAGE) Blueprint 2013 Press Conference

It's a Press Conference on 14 March for the upcoming Blueprint event in May.
這是14 March的Blueprint記者招待會。

Natalia Vodianova lookalike!
长得太像名模Natalia Vodianova了!

One of the Emcees getting make up.
Love her hairstyle!(Done by the hairstylists of course) Like it's on fire, haha ;)
喜欢她的髮型,像"一把火", 哈哈! ;)

Cute outfit! one of my favourite outfits at the show.

She's cute! Love this outfit too, so edgy!
也喜欢这套, 很有風格!

Lovely Models!
With High, Sleek Ponytail and very very minimal Smoky makeup.

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