Sunday, 14 April 2013

[I WANT THIS!] & [SEEN] Valentino Rockstud Ballerina

Studs are so "in" nowadays and you can find studs almost everywhere from accessories, shoes to bags.
Valentino infused this punkish, edgy trend together with feminine, classy style in a good way. 
The end result? This incredibly stunning studded ballerina flats that makes me fall in love with. 

 Credits: Valentino

and as seen below: Topshop studded ballerina flats (inspired by Valentino)

If you did notice, yes, the ones from Topshop has one lesser horizontal strap at the front compared to the ones from Valentino and the colour difference. And is it me? or Valentino's studs seems unexceptionally unique compared to other studs that we have seen all over the the place?

But the price differs quite alot. And I mean ALOT!
The price for Valentino's costs USD $875
and the price for Topshop's costs SGD $76 (updated)
which is around USD $50~60+ (depends on which country you got it from).

You can save a whopping USD $800+ on a pair of shoes!
I'm feeling broke already. 

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