Friday, 23 August 2013

(THOUGHTS) Hype over Brows

I get bombed by tons of  Entertainment or Fashion notification about Cara Delevingne.
One word: OVERRATED. Ok make it two words. F* OVERRATED.(I decided to censored it because the word is too ugly and vulgar, OHWHATEVER!)
Nope. I have nothing against Cara. No, I'm not jealous cause I have extremely thick eyebrows too. Just that there are already women who are famous for their beautiful pair of eyebrows and it's definitely not Cara who set the trend nor is she the queen/ goddess of eyebrows.

Legendary eyebrows

Audrey Hepburn

Elizabeth Taylor

Grace Kelly

Brooke Shields

Just as amazing

Jennifer Connelly

Lily Collins

Camilla Belle

Hilary Rhoda

and then it's Cara Delevingne

No offense but I actually prefer others compared to Cara's. 
All in all, having thick eyebrows is definitely a good thing! Because it not only makes you look youthful and energetic, it also makes your overall facial features striking and shows that you have personality. The most important thing about having bushy thick eyebrows is to groom it if not it look like caterpillars crawling on top of your eyes. But don't over groom it please, lest you will be a goner.
 Cheers to thick eyebrows!

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