Sunday, 15 April 2012

(SCENE) Tangs Fashion Show and Cleo Bachelor's Party

16 March

There are 2 events for today, Tangs Fashion Show and Cleo Bachelors Party. So, I head down to Concorde shopping centre to collect my Tickets from CLEO, and rushed down to Orchard but I took the wrong bus. So I have to take the bus and go back and take the right one. Im such a muddlehead! and my platform shoes are killing me. (I got infection and bad scars after that)
Tangs Fashion Show -  1950s Theme!

 The "Hungry" Photographers!

 The guy totally have the swag, but he overdid it. Nonetheless, it's really cute!





See his face? HAHA

 I seriously think they are a couple cause they have been flirting the whole entire time. Anyway, it's cute!

 There is a contest going on, they going to choose the most fashionable(1950s style) person.

 The "chosen" ones.

Rana strutting her stuff! Ohhh yeahh~~

And the winners are....*drumrolls*

Rana and this guy!!

 Gorgeous models!

After that, I head off to Cleo Bachelors Party. 
First time going to a club!

One of the Bachelors is from a band.

 and he is so sexy when he sings...hahaha.

Men in Black? What are they going to do?

 Well, The guys are going to..

 Y'all excited right?
too bad I didn't take the rest(cause Im concentrating on watching them :p), but you can let your imagination run wild (;

And the winner of Cleo Bachelors is Loh Zhi Zhi!

Seriously, Hossan IS THE BEST HOST EVER! HE IS DAMN FUNNY and he really go all out. He danced alot today..haha!

(Oh, BTW, Someone threw a bra and it end up hanging on the ceiling lamp near the stage..Hossan was like "what?!". HAHAHA! )

 Adidas seems to be one of the sponsers for this event, so yeap, they put wrap this when I entered ZOUK. How? do you like my new "watch"? (:

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