Friday, 8 June 2012

Styling Journey with NOEL CALEB : Part Three

3rd styling session! March 18

The 3rd lesson is to help style the flashmob dance team for the new collection launch.
The venue is at a dance studio.

So there are about 30 dancers and the task is to dress them up according to the limited clothings NC brought. The dancers were instructed to bring afew pieces of clothing that they think is suitable (black leggings or pants, and tops) so we can style them accordingly.

Sounds easy? HAH!
First of all, there are limited pieces in limited sizes.
The dancers are much much older than me(older by at least 5/6yrs, some are even in their fifties!), and some of them are rather doubtful of our abilities(because we are merely just styling apprentices?).
The incredibly tough part - There are some who also insists on what they want to wear and want only what they think it's best for them.
So not only we have to give our viewpoints, we have to style them up, listen to what they want and reassure them that they look fabulous. It's like treating them as our customers.

It's quite tough for me actually cause once someone just insists on their way like for example they want another piece that either don't suit them or don't have their size or even keep on adding all the unnecessary items or accessories that we didn't suggest, I find it hard to convince them and became  frustrated and dumbfounded.
2 of the other styling apprentices, Cadence and Megha is very good with dealing them. Very good communication skills and I think it is also due to their age (able to relate to them easier?)
There are some nice ones who accepts our advice with no problems.

After the styling process, our mentors look through and see which looks made the cut and which didn't. After that they show us their dance rehearsal, adjustments are being made to the clothing again.
Then it's our short discussion time. Rana gave us her valuable advice. She said that it's important to listen to them but at the same time give us our advice and show them that we are the stylists rather than them, because some people are used to what they wear and what they think is the best for them and find it hard to change it. What they think is good for them might not be the case. 

So all in all, it's a good experience.
I still have plenty to learn. Plenty!

Credits to NC

Working in action!

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