Wednesday, 6 November 2013

(MINE) Balenciaga giant cuff bracelet

Guess what lovely (and expensive) item I got for myself during October?

It's a

Le Balenciaga Box.

Shrieking while I'm opening it.
Totally glad that there's a 'baby' dustbag for my precious bracelet.

And Tadaaaaaa!
Ain't she GORGEOUS?!!!
This purple is SO PRETTY!
I was torn between getting the silver hardware or gold hardware because apparently purple is cool tone and silver hardware seems more compatible with it.
But when Purple and Gold gets together, it's a real royalty!

Though it is really stunning, I'm trying to think what can I wear it with.
Maybe Edgy Military style? Casual Chic?

Mega thumbs up for Balenciaga because the colours for Fall/Winter 2013 are so fabulous! 
Normally only up to 3 colours per season looks decent enough but this season the colours are really rich and beautiful.
Ultraviolet, Rouge Cardinal and Tournesol are my favourites!
Cigar Fonce is very nice too!

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