Friday, 29 November 2013

(REVIEW) & (MINE) Nordstrom

I ordered 4 items from Nordstrom in August.
The international shipping fee is crazy!
(I did a research and people were comparing Nordstrom with Bloomingdales and most of them claimed that Bloomingdales's shipping fees are way more expensive. Which is untrue because Bloomingdales are cheaper-did a recent purchase with them in Nov and Nordstrom shipping fees are not cheap at all. Borderfree is in charge of the shipping.)

Initially I intend to get only 3 items.
1) Dogeared Necklace
2) Tennis Bracelet
3) Knit Sweater
and to my horror,the shipping fees add up to be about USD40(~SGD50)
Everyone should know how teeny weeny dogeared items are. Tennis bracelet, another tiny one. Knit Sweater can be folded.

Oh Lord!
Maybe because I was so used to having free shipping(OHILOVETHEMSOMUCH!) or a flat rate shipping fee from other websites. But, the shipping fees are calculated based on the number and type(and maybe weight?) of items, so it makes no sense why such small items have such high shipping fees. If you calculate it per item(USD40/3= USD13.3 per item) which means there is a shipping fee of SGD17 per item.
So I decided to add in another item, a bracelet to 'justify' the expensive fees and the total shipping fees add up to be USD44.37(~SG56).

I placed the order on 4th August 2013 and received a confirmation mail on the 5th. They sent me an order shipment confirmation mail on the 8th (Shipping fee: USD21.67) with only 2 of the items and another shipment confirmation mail on the 9th for the remaining 2 items (Shipping fee: USD22.70).
Emails state that there are no additional shipping charges..

The 2 parcels

 The 1st parcel: Sweater and Bracelet

2nd parcel: Necklace and Bracelet 

I don't get it. They could have place all the items in one package. I wonder is it because of this that's why the shipping fee is not cheap. (Because the shipping fees are sometime based on volumetric weight which is the volume or space of the parcel. Thus it is not worth it if you ship something very light in a big box.)

All the items are carefully packed and sealed in plastic with labels(details of the item) on it.

Nicely packed in Nordstrom box is the...

Vince Camuto 'Call of the Wild' Chevron bracelet

Tildon Cable Knit Sweater
Packed in a plastic cover with 2 hangers.

 Dogeared Necklace

Nordstrom Tennis Bracelet

Will I ever go back to Nordstrom?
It really depends.
The prices are decent. The processing of the order is fast. The packaging is good. The items are fine,no defects or anything. The shipping time is all right.
I am quite satisfied overall.
But the shipping fee...

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