Thursday, 28 June 2012

Classy and Glamorous during the summer with VERSACE

Now, Summer is one of most hated seasons out of the four. (well, unless you like sunbathing and melting)
You sweat like mad, most probably having sweat marks all over your clothes and your makeup started melting within seconds after putting it. And you most probably stinks due to the sweat.
Due to the heat, you end up looking incredibly hagged right after you step out of the house.

but VERSACE makes summer Hot, in the right way of course.

Elegant white with a touch of glamour using signature studs and embellishments

Im loving the summer editorials (Versace)

 June 2012 editorials.
Harpers Spain
The starfish (around the torso area) makes it so unique.
The fully embellished top paired with white bell bottom with stunning starfish embellishments.

Grazia France
A simple piece with studs carefully lined up along the edges of the top and light flowy skirt. It's structured, edgy and feminine at the same time.

Tatler Russia
Incredibly Stunning! 
Cropped top and pencil skirt with gold embellishments paired with a gold chunky necklace. And of course, an exotic pet.

 Harpers UK
Im loving this look alot! It's so chic with the sunglasses. It's very 1950s-60s vintage chic glamour.

PS: Summer is all year round in where I live so I guess I will be looking hagged and sweaty as per usual and yes I'm melting while Im writing this post. Dang!

 Credits to: Versace, Harpers Spain & UK, Tatler Russi, Grazia France.

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