Tuesday, 26 June 2012

(TO LUST FOR) Fossil Re-Issue Weekender

I have just turned 21 not long ago (sadly without any celebrations, how tragic is that?)
but oh well, it is never too late to give me any presents is it? (:

The top of my Birthday Present List is definitely a branded bag (and no, Im not brand conscious, there are just some bags that make me fall in love over it again and again)
PS: I only LOVE specific brands and specific bags and sometimes specific colours. 
And Yes, Im a full-time Bag Stalker.

But sadly I can't afford it (I'm not being paid by being a Bag Stalker, you see.)
So while I was fulfilling my duties as a BagStalker, I found a Perfect Vintage Bag! (for the broke)

A huge vintage-style work or casual bag for you to stuff everything in and looks chic all seasons round. (still looking fabulous during the Winter time)
It kind of reminds me of the Mulberry Bayswater. One of bags that I like, but the Alexa is my favourite out of all the Mulberry bags.

Alexa and one of her favourite bags,The Mulberry Bayswater.

 Presenting to you..

The Vintage Re-Issue Weekender!

by Fossil

In Russet Brown. My favourite colour for this bag!

With floral embroidery. I totally love this!

How cute!! 

 In Ikat floral print.

 Casual and Chic!

Guess what, It's only US$278!! which is approximately one third of the price of the Mulberry Bayswater. What's even better is that now they are having a sale for only US$199.9 at their website!!
 But sadly they don't do international orders (DANG!)
How about being an incredibly nice person and send me one? HAHAHAHA!
Anyway, if you think this is the one for you, grab it at
I have a tough job but Im liking it (;

Credits to: Fossil

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