Thursday, 6 February 2014

(SEEN) Backlogged entry- New Look, Topshop @ Tampines Mall

This is a Backlogged post.

New Look

Love Love Love this pair of strappy boots. So chic and edgy.
I saw renowned brand/s selling this particular design online (I forgot which brand/s, I have to go search again), which leads me to wonder is it another inspired design or maybe this design is actually quite 'basic'?
Totally to die for but the price tag is always one of the main factors that pushes me away. 
Fortunately, It is on sale right now...Unfortunately it is only in very limited sizes.
I guess I have to try my luck in other outlets.

When: 18/10/13

Saw this interesting pair of earrings. It's a pair of quirky-looking robots with embellishments. 
Kind of cute in a weird way!

Love this to bits! A sexy long sleeved bodycon dress which is "see-through".
Well, "See-through-your-body" ;)

I find cut out boots more edgy and interesting than normal boots. I guess showing a little bit of skin always make you look more cool or mysterious. (Get a tee or a jeans and cut some holes!)
But cut out boots also means you need to make more effort in choosing the 'right' socks, that is if you're wearing socks. If you ended up opting not to wear socks with it, it look cool, but the sweating of the feet is a major problem (At least for me, that is).

When: 25/10/13

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