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(THOUGHTS) Backlogged entry- Kpop Fashion stylist

This is a backlogged post from 27 Nov 2013.

There is a slight desire in me wanting to be a fashion stylist. Slight. As much as the tiny pack of grated cheese that comes in a box of the largest size of pizza available. Ok, make it two packs of grated cheese.

Now, I have been noticing some of Kpop bands'/Korean artistes' fashion style and scene.
And well, I feel that the stylists work like 24/7 whole year round because even the Kpop band's/Korean artiste's airport fashion is handled by the stylists.
Pretty much the same thing as Hollywood celebrity stylists but Hollywood stylists don't seem to go to the point to even style their airport fashion(maybe some of them did but not so extreme compared to Kpop/Korean artistes). 

So after doing a little bit of research and adding in some assumptions of mine.
Kpop/Korean artistes relay very very heavily on their crew of Makeup, Hair, Fashion Stylists. You can hardly see them without makeup or with a bedhair or wearing spaghetti top with pyjama pants while out on the streets(Er hem! quite a bit of Hollywood artistes did that at one point of time. Oh, screamed and cried the Fashion Police.)

Even though some Kpop/ Korean artistes might have more or total freedom in their ways of dressing, they might still require the help of their stylists because they are so popular to the point that they can't just head out to the streets or to shops without being 'attacked' by some crazy fans.(Makes me wonder if they are actually being protected by the laws? Hollywood stars are definitely popular and their privacy are often being invaded but they can slap back with a lawsuit. I am not too sure about the laws in Korea. But I suspect that it is mainly due to because Korean entertainment industry is highly dependent on their fans. They cannot just 'breathe' without them so I am guessing they don't want to risk it. One lesser fan = more lesser fans = less popularity = way way way way way lesser income. If you noticed how the industry works, yes, the aftereffects of having one lesser fan are so deadly.) 
There are also options of getting their clothes by ordering online on their own or informing the shop owner that they are dropping by and there might be special treatment whereby they can shop in private.(I mean who knows? except them, these are based merely on my assumptions.)
They might request the help of their stylists to
1) Recommend them what to wear
2) Help them liaise with the brands managers and obtain the catalog or get sponsorship
3) Help them to order or get the items
4) Source for that specific items (eg. things with skulls)

And did anyone noticed that the Korean artistes always change outfits and bags for overseas trips but they never seems to carry their stuffs?
And who are the ones who carried all those stuffs?

Tough life man! I mean the stylists, duh!

Oh woe!

So what are the main sources of their clothes?
The clothes that the artistes are wearing are either
1) Being loaned to them
2) Sponsored or from Endorsement
3) Fan gifts
4) They bought on their own

For Kpop artistes, it is actually mostly the first 2 points. Then the 3rd point, because a lot of fans will pile up money and buy very..I mean VERY expensive fashionable gifts that I can never afford.(like Cartier bracelets, Givenchy T-shirts, Prada shoes. Oh hello, anybody want to sponsor me or give me gifts?!)
Whereas for Hollywood, I assume that it is mostly number 1,2 and 4. Loaned clothes, are mostly for formal events like the Oscars. (I mean if I am a fashion designer and a big shot ask me to loan clothes to them just for a day out, somehow I think the clothes are pretty much a goner. I mean come on! partying with all the alcohol and cigarette smoking? Might as well just give them for free sponsor them. Well, it could mean 'free/good advertisement'. Hmm, barter trade seems to be the exact words for it.) For point number 4, they just seems to have more freedom in buying what they like and dislike.

(Exo) looking rather nifty at an event!

Airport Fashion (Shinee)
Credits to: and

Airport Fashion (2NE1)
Credits to: and

Airport Fashion (SNSD's Seohyun and Hyoyeon)
Credits to: and

And for their favourite brands,
Male artistes: Givenchy, Raf Simons, YSL, Stussy, Comme des garcons, Balenciaga, Converse and others.
Female artistes: Topshop, and tons of brands that I don't know or too lazy to type. 
Seriously, just give me a break.. It is never ending.

If you intend to be a Kpop stylist, I personally feel that it is not worth it after all you will be at their beck and call. (Pretty much the same thing as long as you're an employee in any other companies but this is more personal, like a slave an assistant) but do note that they are normal people, so being close to them might dashed your delusions of them being so perfect and everything. Because once you saw their true nature you will be like "Holy Shit! Such an ass!" Trust me on this. I met Anxxx Pexxx in real life while working at the backstage for a fashion event and his personality is beyond shit not exactly nice. And I am definitely not the only person who feel this way, my colleague even thought that he is on drugs or something. But it doesn't mean all of them have bad personalities.
I might sound like I am dissing this but I am just laying out the disadvantages and random stuffs.

Do note that this post might not be 100% true cause it is based on what I read online, my assumptions and my teeny weeny weeny itsy bitsy bitsy bit of experience in the fashion industry. Just take it with a pinch of salt ;)

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